March 2017 in Berkeley, California

Sundays: March 5th to March 26thHarmony & Empathy: Cultivating Your Collaborative Voice with Karla McLaren and Renée Benmeleh. Join us and sing!


October 2017 at Esalen!

October 1st through 6th, Sunday through Friday. The Art of Empathy Retreat with Karla McLaren and Amanda Ball at the Esalen Retreat Center in Big Sur, California.  Continuing Education Credits are available.


October 2017 at Bioneers!

October 20th to 22nd, Friday through Sunday. Karla McLaren at the Bioneers conference in Marin County, California. Details to come.


November 2017 at 1440 Multiversity!

November 24th through 26th, Friday through Sunday. The Healthy Empathy® Retreat with Karla McLaren and Tino Plank at the 1400 Multiversity in Santa Cruz, California. Continuing Education Credits are available. Details to come.


Listen Now

Healthy Empathy for Surgeons with Jeffrey Smith, MD (listen here) 46 minutes

The gifts of ALL emotions – even depression with Tami Simon (listen to Insights at the Edge) 58 minutes

The Art of Empathy, part 1 with Tami Simon (listen to Insights at the Edge, part 1) 1 hour, 2 minutes

The Art of Empathy, part 2 with Tami Simon (listen to Insights at the Edge, part 2) 1 hour, 6 minutes

Emotions are action-requiring programs! (Listen to Weekly Wisdom) 9 minutes

Empathy and Generosity with Marianna Cacciatore (listen to Bread for the Journey) 58 minutes

How to Learn The Language of Emotions with Koren Motekaitis (listen to How She Really Does It) 56 minutes

Healthy Empathy, Self, and Relationships with Michael Stone (listen to Conversations) 51 minutes

Why is Empathy Valuable? on Conscious Talk Radio (listen to Conscious Talk) 56 minutes


Watch now

Visit Karla’s Emotion Dynamics YouTube Channel

Anger and Good Boundaries (11 minutes)

Shame is Your Friend! (16 minutes)

How Many Ways Can You Say Happy? (4 minutes)

Emotions Simplified! (10 minutes)

The Art of Empathy introduction (2 minutes)

The Magic of Weasel Words! (8 minutes)

Are You Positive about Emotions? (4 minutes)

Embracing Your Emotions (1 minute)