May 8th, 2014 — The Art of Empathy in Vancouver!

February 10, 2014

Empathy is an art, and you are the artist.

Free talk and book signing, Thursday, May 8th at 6:30pm at Banyen Books & Sound in Vancouver, British Columbia.

What if there were a single skill that could directly and radically improve your relationships and your emotional life? Empathy, teaches Karla McLaren, is that skill.

The Art of EmpathyIn The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill, this acclaimed author and empathy pioneer teaches you how to perceive and feel the experiences of others with clarity and authenticity—to connect with them more deeply and effectively without losing yourself in the process.

Informed by current insights from neuroscience, social psychology, the arts, and over four decades of empathic practice, McLaren teaches you why empathy is not a mystical phenomenon, but a natural ability that you can strengthen and develop (or calm down if your empathy is uncomfortably hyper-activated) at any age.

With her groundbreaking model of the Six Essential Aspects of Empathy, McLaren teaches you how to understand empathy clearly, how to pinpoint your strengths and challenges, and how to support healthy empathy in yourself and others.

Come learn how to bring your unique empathic skills and artistry to a waiting world.

Karla McLaren is an emotional genius; she is the perfect guide to lead us through the complexities and confusions about emotions, and right into the heart of compassion.

–Michael Meade, author, The World Behind the World and The Water of Life

Free talk and book signing

Thursday, May 8th, 6:30pm at Banyen Books & Sound in Vancouver.

3608 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia


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