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New writing and updates from Karla

Welcoming Yourself Home
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Welcoming Your Emotions Home Restoring Your Native Language Online course starts Monday, August 29 at Empathy Academy   Though most of us have been chased away from our emotions (or taught very unhelpful things about... Read More

Reclaiming Your Gold Star
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External praise can trip you up, but it doesn’t have to! A mini-workshop to help you reclaim yourself, Wednesday, August 17 at Empathy Academy online   Did you know that grades, gold stars, external praise,... Read More

What is an Empath?
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We’re all empaths In my earlier career, I identified as an empath, but I stopped doing so because the term got to be really troubling. An empath tends to be seen as some kind of... Read More

Free Emotions Charts for Kids!
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Hello emotional kids and parents! (That’s all of us, you know.) Emotions are at the center of all learning, thinking, and behavior, and you can learn how to work with them directly and skillfully. Kids... Read More

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