A DEI Course for Mental Health Professionals

During this worldwide pandemic, we’re seeing a tremendous increase in anxiety, depression, grief, fear, rage, panic, and many other emotions – and many mental health professionals are dealing with their own mix of these emotions as they work to help others.

But what if these emotions aren’t a sign of disorder, but are instead necessary responses that are valid and purposeful?

The Dynamic Emotional Integration® model re-frames emotions based on the most current neuroscience – as essential aspects of cognition, decision-making, behavior, and action – so that their presence can be experienced as an asset instead of a liability.

Embracing Emotions in Clinical Practice

Exploring the Empathic Paradigm of DEI

Starts June 1st at Empathy Academy

In this special 6-week online course, mental health professionals (and graduate students) will explore the empathic paradigm of Dynamic Emotional Integration® (also known as DEI).

DEI approaches all emotions as uniquely healing and essential aspects of cognition, decision-making, behavior, and action. As the first fully operationalized model of emotional functioning, DEI helps people learn how emotions work, why they arise, and how to work skillfully with all of them – especially the so-called “negative” emotions.

Most of us have been taught to distrust emotions, stop their natural flow, or treat them as problems. Even therapists are generally not taught about the healing function of emotions, yet they’re the professionals that we trust with our emotional issues!

In Embracing Emotions in Clinical Practice, mental health professionals will explore DEI with creator Karla McLaren, M.Ed. and DEI professionals and practitioners Sarah Alexander, LCSW and Amanda Ball, MS.

This online course includes live and videotaped demonstrations of how emotions work together, using real-life scenarios to identify mixed emotions and emotions that tend to arise in pairs, groups, and clusters.

Course tuition includes a textbook that will be mailed to you: The Dynamic Emotional Integration® Workbook.  

6 weeks: June 1st to July 11th – $385 Special “social distancing plus emotional closeness” discount: $325

Learn more or register at EmpathyAcademy.org


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