Discover the Genius in Your Emotions

For many centuries, we’ve been chased away from our emotions and told that they’re less than: less than spirituality, less than science, or less than so-called rationality.

But today, we’re beginning to understand what poets and artists have known forever: emotions are possibly your greatest source of instincts, intelligence, and energy — and they’re vital for thinking, healing, decision-making, learning, loving, and understanding others.

Each of your emotions is essential, and all of your emotions bring you the skills, energy, and intelligence you need in each situation. Your emotions contain genius, and you can learn to access them in a welcoming and empathic online community.

Emotional Genius

Discovering the Brilliance in Your Emotions

March 30th to May 8th, 2020 at Empathy Academy

Amanda Ball
Sherry Olander

Join Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Consultants and Trainers, Amanda Ball, MS and Sherry Olander, CMT for a six-week online training where you’ll learn new ways to view emotions as an intelligent, living system that’s a part of everything you do. You’ll learn how emotions work and how to work skillfully with every emotion you have.

This online course is open to everyone: students, elders, youth, artists, counselors, healthcare professionals, highly empathic people, or people who are struggling with emotions or empathy. All are welcome.

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Length of Course: 6 Weeks
DatesMonday, March 30th to Friday, May 8th, 2020
Price: $215.00 Special social distancing plus emotional closeness discount: $175!
Learning & Interaction Structure: Reading curriculum, written forum discussions, audio files, course PDFs, and one-hour weekly webinars using the Zoom video conferencing program.


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