Emotional Vocabulary List 4u!

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Here you go!

Hey everybody! Thanks for your help with the Emotional Vocabulary List. I’ve organized everything and created a PDF for you to download.

Your Emotional Vocabulary List page

These emotions are laid out differently than they are in my book; they’re organized to help you identify your emotions in three distinct states: Soft, Mood-State, and Intense. Many people can identify an emotion when it’s in a mood state, but they have trouble identifying more subtle appearances of the same emotion. This list will help you become more articulate about what what you’re feeling.

When you’ve got a good emotional vocabulary and you can identify which emotion you’re feeling (and at what intensity), you can flip through the book and discover the gifts each emotion brings you, learn what questions you can ask of it, and find out how to work with it in yourself and others.

With the help of these lists, you’ll be able to develop your emotional vocabulary and speak The Language of Emotions with ease and fluency. Go team!!

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  1. Karla
    | Reply

    Oh, I forgot to say that I added some words from my book to the Happiness lists: Playful, Merry, and Radiant!

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