Honoring Your Emotional Ecosystem

A live online course to help you work with your emotions!

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For many centuries, we’ve been chased away from our emotions and told that they’re unwanted, unreliable, or untrue.

In many ways, we’ve been taught to see emotions as the weeds of human nature, best pulled out, or at the very least, suppressed.

But today, we’re beginning to understand what poets and artists have known forever: emotions are possibly our greatest source of instincts, intelligence, and energy — and they’re vital for thinking, healing, decision-making, learning, loving, and understanding others.

A course to help you access your emotional ecosystem.

Honoring Your Emotional Ecosystem is a course that can help you learn to work with the genius in your emotional realm in healing new ways.

In this 4-week online course at Bioneers Learning, you can join me for a grounded and surprising exploration of the wisdom in each of your emotions.

We’ll also be playing my famous Emotion Theater game, which helps you see the inner workings of the emotions in real time!

Honoring Your Emotional Ecosystem course details

Dates: This course will run from November 14 though December 5, 2023

Live meetings: Live 90-minute Zoom meetings will take place on Tuesdays from 11 am – 12:30 pm Pacific time (recordings of each meeting will be available for anyone not able to attend).

Cost: $349 Special limited offer: $200


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