Podcast: How can we listen to our emotions?

Hello! Sounds True has just posted the podcast of an interview I did with publisher Tami Simon when I was in Boulder recording the audio learning set for The Language of Emotions.

Tami asks some wonderful questions, and you can hardly tell that I had just spent four full days recording at altitude! Tami has one of the best voices in broadcasting, so I just mimicked her vocal energy so that I could keep my voice in step with hers!

Photo of podcast cat

Podcast: How can we learn to listen to our emotions?

We talk about what an empath senses, how to talk to children about emotions, the difference between people’s “backstage” and “onstage” behaviors, and how to listen to your emotions. Extra credit: can you guess which famous singing group absolutely hates each other? Heehee!

All the cool cats are listening!

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