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Unlock the genius inside your own emotions!

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Each of your emotions contains a specific form of genius that you can learn to access with Dynamic Emotional Integration® (also known as DEI).

This 88-page Dynamic Emotional Integration® Workbook helps you explore your 17 essential emotions and the skills and practices that will help you understand and work with each one of them brilliantly.

This workbook will help you develop emotional awareness, self-knowledge, Empathic Mindfulness practices, communication skills, relationship skills, and healthy empathy – and you can learn on your own, or with the guidance and support of a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional.

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Your emotions are a vital part of everything you think, every decision you make, and everything you do. The Dynamic Emotional Integration® Workbook will help you learn to ground and focus yourself, soothe and regulate your emotions, understand yourself and others more deeply, and access your own unique emotional genius!

The DEI Workbook is also available in Spanish! DEI Cuaderno de Trabajo



This 88-page workbook explores 17 unique emotions and the Empathic Mindfulness practices that can help you access the genius inside your emotions. This workbook also includes self-care and communication practices to help you develop a healthy emotional life, healthy relationships, and healthy empathy.

You can read through this workbook from beginning to end and fill out each of the reflection pages, or you can skip around based on your interests, your needs, or the guidance of a licensed DEI Consultant or Trainer (if you choose to work with one).

Thank you for taking this time for yourself, and thank you for bringing more emotional awareness, healthier relationships, and deeper empathy to our waiting world!

The DEI Workbook is also available in Spanish! DEI Cuaderno de Trabajo

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