The Soul Tending program starts in October!

Your emotions can help you thrive in troubled times Something we’ve all seen so clearly over these years of pandemic and upheaval is how vital emotional skills are — and how much people suffer if they don’t have those skills. If you understand emotions, you can see people being overwhelmed by anger instead of using its energy to set clear boundaries with empathy and strength. You … Read More

Course: Befriending Anger at Empathy Academy

Anger is an essential emotion Anger has a terrible reputation, because so many people use anger to hurt themselves or others. But this isn’t anger’s fault! This is not anger’s true nature. Anger is an essential emotion that helps you in every area of your life, and when you know what anger is and how to work with it, you can change your life. Your anger … Read More

Workshop: Discover Your Emotional Body

You can play with your emotions! A Somatic Mini-Workshop at Empathy Academy Saturday, August 12 from 10am to 12:30pm Pacific Time   Talking and reading about emotions is a good way to learn about them, but playing with them can help you understand and work with them in healing new ways. By accessing your body’s wisdom, you may find that you’re already working skillfully with your … Read More

Course: Welcoming Your Emotions Home

Identifying and Accepting Your Emotions Online course starts Monday, June 19 at Empathy Academy   Though most of us have been chased away from our emotions (or taught very unhelpful things about them), our emotions are vital aspects of everything we do, everything we think, every action we take, and everything we are. And if we don’t have full access to our emotions — if we don’t … Read More

Course: Embracing Your Anxiety

A course to help you discover the genius in your anxiety! 5-week course starting Monday, May 22 at Empathy Academy online   Most of us have been taught to feel ashamed about or afraid of our anxiety, or to treat it as a sign of weakness or trouble. Most people confuse anxiety with its friend panic, and some people even talk about anxiety as an epidemic, … Read More

Reclaiming Your Gold Star

External praise can trip you up, but it doesn’t have to! A mini-workshop to help you reclaim yourself Saturday, May 13 at Empathy Academy online   Did you know that grades, gold stars, external praise, and performance reviews interfere with your natural motivation?   They also interfere with your emotions, but luckily, there’s a way to retrieve your own internal sense of what’s right for you. … Read More

Yes, you can befriend your shame

A course to help you work with shame! 4-week course begins Monday, April 24 at Empathy Academy   Shame is probably the most deeply misunderstood emotion there is, and considering how poor our emotional education is, that’s saying a lot! Most people try to avoid shame, but shame is one of the most crucial, vital, and helpful emotions you have. Shame’s job is to help you … Read More

Your Emotional Allies Workshop!

Learning to access the genius in your emotions Live Zoom workshop, Saturday, March 11 from 10am-noon Pacific Time   Your emotions contain the specific wisdom you need in each situation, but if you don’t know how to identify or work with them, their presence may just confuse you! In this Exploring Your Emotions as Allies workshop, instructor and Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional Heather Giasson will walk … Read More

Course: Your Empathic Body

Dancing with your emotions Online course starts February 27 at Empathy Academy   Most of us have been trained away from our emotions and away from our bodies, but both carry forms of genius that can help us live whole and vibrant lives. In this experiential online course, you can access your own inborn genius. You can learn to embody all of your emotions Using creative … Read More

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