The Soul Tending program starts in October!

Your emotions can help you thrive in troubled times

Something we’ve all seen so clearly over these years of pandemic and upheaval is how vital emotional skills are — and how much people suffer if they don’t have those skills.

If you understand emotions, you can see people being overwhelmed by anger instead of using its energy to set clear boundaries with empathy and strength. You can see people spinning out with anxiety and panic instead of understanding how these two brilliant emotions work to help us function, and to protect our lives.

And you can see people running from their necessary grief and depression instead of listening to these remarkably wise and deep emotions.

Most of us have faced many deep emotions during this time of political and social upheaval. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn more about the deep genius that lives inside these emotions?

Accessing your own soulful genius

All of your emotions contain the genius you need to survive and thrive, and we’ve created a soulful self-awareness program to help you learn how to work with all of your emotions in a welcoming empathic community.

Soul Tending is a 4-month online program dedicated to building a healthy and empathic community of people who want to learn more about the brilliance in their emotions.

Join the Soul Tending program

You can join Dynamic Emotional Integration® professionals Sherry Olander and Amanda Ball online for a four-month exploration of the astounding wisdom that lives inside your emotions.

You’ll learn about all 17 of your emotions: how to identify them, how to work with them, and how to develop supportive skills and practices to access their limitless healing power.

This 4-month program contains 3 learning modules (of 4 weeks and 5 weeks) with breaks in between so that you can rest and integrate your learning.

This Soul Tending program will begin on Monday, October 2, 2023

You can learn more here: Soul Tending at Empathy Academy.

How to apply

If you would like to be considered for the Soul Tending program, please click the button below to fill out our online application.

Your application deadline is Monday, September 18, 2023.

Apply for the Soul Tending program

CE credits are available to psychologists, psychoanalysts, counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers, creative arts therapists, nurses, dentists, educators, and chemical dependency counselors.

Your emotions are your soul’s first language

We hope that you and your emotions are surrounded by respect, empathy, equality, justice, healthy community, and love — and that you’re able to access your own emotional genius every day.

Here’s to building a soulful world where all of this can be true for everyone.


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