Yes, you can befriend your shame

A course to help you work with shame!

4-week course begins Monday, April 24 at Empathy Academy

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Photo of a stacked rock cairn in a streamShame is probably the most deeply misunderstood emotion there is, and considering how poor our emotional education is, that’s saying a lot!

Most people try to avoid shame, but shame is one of the most crucial, vital, and helpful emotions you have. Shame’s job is to help you live up to the agreements you’ve made and the morals you value.

The work with shame is not to shut it down, but to understand exactly which values and morals you’ve agreed to. Do they work? Are they livable? Are they worth your time or your shame’s energy?

Shame is irreplaceable, but because it can be painful, people have mistakenly learned to blame the shame instead of looking at what it’s responding to.

Why do you feel shame? What is shame’s purpose?

Shame exists to keep you upright and accountable, and it helps you become a person of your word. Shame protects your position in the social world, and it protects you from stepping off of the path you’ve set for yourself.

Shame helps you live up to the agreements you’ve made and the morals you value. The healing path is to make sure that your agreements are worthy of your time, and that your morals are livable, appropriate, and freely chosen by you.

We’ve got many practices in Dynamic Emotional Integration® to help you work with your shame, and to free it from being forced to uphold old or abusive agreements, or unlivable moral values.

An online course to help you explore and befriend your shame

Photo of Anchen Texter, a smiling woman with blue eyes and brown hair.
Anchen Texter

At Empathy Academy, we have a wonderful 4-week course on shame that can help you identify this vital emotion and the agreements and morals it’s responding to.

Befriending Shame: Harnessing the Power of Your Healthy Conscience, is taught by dual-licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional Anchen Texter, and it’s a wonderful gift to give to yourself, to your shame, and to your entire emotional realm. 

We welcome you and your vital, irreplaceable shame to this course.

Befriending Shame Course Details

  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Dates: Starts Monday, April 24 to Friday, May 19, 2023
  • Price: $145
  • This Course is Suitable For: Everyone interested in emotional skills, healthy behavior, and loving self-care.
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