What’s new in this new edition of The Language of Emotions?

The new Language of Emotions book coverThe brand new edition of The Language of Emotions is available in book, e-book, and audio formats, and you can order now (see below)!

In this newly revised edition, I’ve updated most of the emotions and their questions based on the work and research I’ve done over the past 14 years.

There are many new questions and many new ideas to help you work with your emotions, plus:

  • Anxiety gets its own chapter (it wasn’t in the previous edition!)
  • Loneliness gets its own chapter (but not as an emotion)
  • You’ll learn about The Four Keys to Emotional Genius, which help you access the wisdom in your emotions more easily
  • You’ll find new ways to work with the healing genius of panic
  • And there’s new focus on the role of emotions in the resolution of trauma

I’m so pleased that I was able to update The Language of Emotions, and I’m so glad to be able to share it with you!



Praise for The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You

“The Language of Emotions has changed the way I relate to others, and to myself, forever.”

Gavin DeBecker, author of The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift


“The Language of Emotions is the first book I will recommend to survivors of traumatic and abusive environments and relationships. Karla’s knowledge of how to understand emotions and engage with them in a healing way is an invaluable resource.”

Janja Lalich, PhD, author of Take Back Your Life and Bounded Choice


“There is no doubt that Karla McLaren’s passion to help her readers understand emotions, and provide them with useful tools to do so, makes this new edition of The Language of Emotions a gift for those who are suffering from or grappling with what they feel.”

Mary Lamia, PhD, author of Grief Isn’t Something to Get Over and Understanding Myself


“Karla McLaren’s unique, empathic view of emotions surprisingly revalues even the most ‘negative’ emotions and opens pathways to understanding the depths of the human soul.”

Michael Meade, author of The World Behind the World and The Water of Life

Download these Additional Resources!

In the book and audiobook versions of The Language of Emotions, I refer you to these additional resources.

This PDF packet includes the full Emotional Vocabulary list, my Depression Inventory, the Ethical Empathic Gossip practice, and a full-color chart with all of the emotions and questions in one place.

Click on this button to download your free packet.

Download the Additional Resources PDF for The Language of Emotions

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Your emotions don’t cause problems; they bring you the skills and intelligence you need to deal with problems.

Learn their language, and you can change your life.