The Six Essential Aspects of Empathy, Part 2: Empathic Accuracy

Becoming accurate with your empathy The crucial second aspect of empathy, Empathic Accuracy, helps you identify and understand emotions in yourself and others. This skill can make your experience of empathy much more precise and workable! Let’s revisit the six aspects so that we can understand where Empathic Accuracy fits into the larger picture: Emotion Contagion: Before empathy can take place, you need to sense that … Read More

The Six Essential Aspects of Empathy, Part 1: Emotion Contagion

An empathic approach to empathy! In my book and audio learning program, The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill, I focus on my Six Essential Aspects of Empathy model, starting with the first, which has a strange name: Emotion Contagion. Because empathy is first and foremost an emotional skill. Before empathy can take place, you need to sense that an emotion … Read More

Dynamic Emotional Integration® licensing begins this year!

The Dynamic Emotional Integration® licensing program begins in 2024! Your emotions contain vital wisdom and healing powers that aren’t available anywhere else. When you know how to listen to your emotions and work with them directly, they can support you in astonishing ways. Dynamic Emotional Integration® (or DEI) helps you access the genius in your emotions and your empathy to support whole-life awareness and whole-life healing. Since … Read More

Is love an emotion?

Your emotions are essential aspects of your awareness, your intelligence, your social skills, and your ability to communicate — and each one has a specific purpose. Every emotion has a specific function and a specific action for you to complete so that it can move back and make room for your next emotion, your next thought, and your next idea. As we explore emotions as distinct … Read More

How much emotion is too much?

When I talk about The Language of Emotions, one of the central ideas I share is that all emotions are useful. If you can approach them with care and ask them the right questions, there aren’t any “negative” emotions. Every emotion has a specific function, and all of them are important and instructive Some emotions (such as hatred and panic), need to be handled with care, … Read More

You Can Befriend Your Sadness

Befriending Sadness Welcoming Flow Into Your Life Online course starts November 27 at Empathy Academy Letting go, relaxing, and rejuvenating: These are the gifts of sadness I call sadness “the magical healing balm of the soul” because it’s so essential for your health and well being. Your sadness can help you let go of ideas that are outdated, things that don’t work, and attitudes that don’t … Read More

Emotion Regulation for Beginners!

You Can Learn How to Regulate Your Emotions Live Zoom workshop, Saturday, November 18 from 10am-11:30am Pacific Time   Your emotions contain genius, yet many of us have been socialized to ignore them, or to treat them as problems. But your emotions aren’t problems; they come to help you deal with problems! In this mini-workshop with instructor and Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional Anchen Texter, you’ll learn … Read More

The Myth of Second-Hand Emotions

It’s normal for emotions to work together One big misunderstanding happens regularly with anger – which many people misidentify as a “second-hand emotion.” People have a lot of mistaken ideas about anger, but this is one of the most unfortunate. This second-hand mistake is a very easy one to make if you don’t understand how anger will arise to protect you and your other emotions (and … Read More

Honoring Your Emotional Ecosystem

A live online course to help you work with your emotions!   For many centuries, we’ve been chased away from our emotions and told that they’re unwanted, unreliable, or untrue. In many ways, we’ve been taught to see emotions as the weeds of human nature, best pulled out, or at the very least, suppressed. But today, we’re beginning to understand what poets and artists have known … Read More

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