The Six Essential Aspects of Empathy, Part 4: Perspective Taking

Learning to see and feel from the perspective of others Your Perspective Taking ability helps you imaginatively see and feel things from the perspectives of others. This skill is crucial to your ability to empathize skillfully; good Perspective Taking can help you understand what others want and need. Let’s revisit the six aspects so that we can understand where Perspective Taking fits into the larger picture: … Read More

The Six Essential Aspects of Empathy, Part 3: Emotion Regulation

Learning to work with your emotions Your Emotion Regulation skills help you feel, understand, and work with your own emotions. These abilities are crucial to your capacity to empathize skillfully; good Emotion Regulation skills can make your experience of empathy much more comfortable! Let’s revisit the six aspects so that we can understand where Emotion Regulation fits into the larger picture: Emotion Contagion: Before empathy can … Read More

The Six Essential Aspects of Empathy, Part 2: Empathic Accuracy

Becoming accurate with your empathy The crucial second aspect of empathy, Empathic Accuracy, helps you identify and understand emotions in yourself and others. This skill can make your experience of empathy much more precise and workable! Let’s revisit the six aspects so that we can understand where Empathic Accuracy fits into the larger picture: Emotion Contagion: Before empathy can take place, you need to sense that … Read More

Free resources from The Language of Emotions!

In celebration of the release of the newly updated Language of Emotions, I’ve created a free resource packet with bonus materials for you! Too good to leave out As I was voicing the audiobook for The Language of Emotions, I realized that listeners would not be able to go through the Emotional Vocabulary List in any workable way, and that they needed a simple chart so … Read More

Turning complaining in to a healing practice

When people think of empathy, they tend to see it as a soft skill, full of yielding and niceness. That’s a part of empathy, but there’s a deeper and more full-bodied form of empathy that helps you engage with people when they (and you!) are not feeling nice at all. In The Art of Empathy, I share a number of relationship skills for dealing with conflict … Read More

Is it time for Soul Tending?

Emotions are the deep language of your soul Your emotions have been working to support you in every area of your life, and they contain a deep wisdom that is astonishing in its healing power. How tragic it is, then, that so many of us have been chased away from our emotions? If you’ve been studying the work in The Language of Emotions or my other … Read More

The fourth key to emotional genius

It is normal for emotions to arise in pairs and groups! Learning how to work with your emotions empathically means learning how they work and how to work with them directly. Many of the emotional confusions we have arise because we weren’t taught that emotions work together to help us make sense of our world. Emotions are aspects of our awareness and our intelligence, and when … Read More

A practice to reclaim yourself

Burning Contracts helps you let go of unworkable things Because emotions carry such vital messages, I created the Empathic Mindfulness practices to help you learn to work with them, These skills rely on your ability to work in the imaginal realm, which isn’t something you make up; rather, it’s the place where your creativity comes from. In the imaginal realm, you create music, art, dreams, ideas, … Read More

The Soul Tending program starts in October!

Your emotions can help you thrive in troubled times Something we’ve all seen so clearly over these years of pandemic and upheaval is how vital emotional skills are — and how much people suffer if they don’t have those skills. If you understand emotions, you can see people being overwhelmed by anger instead of using its energy to set clear boundaries with empathy and strength. You … Read More

Course: Empathy and Self-Care at Empathy Academy

Empathy and Self-Care Tending your world without losing yourself A 4-week online course with Sandi Davis   Many people treat empathy as a special skill, or they confuse it with niceness, but empathy is so much more than that. Your empathy is an essential part of working with your emotions and the emotions of others, and it helps you navigate the complexities of living. When you … Read More

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