Reclaiming Your Gold Star

External praise can trip you up, but it doesn’t have to! A mini-workshop to help you reclaim yourself Saturday, May 13 at Empathy Academy online   Did you know that grades, gold stars, external praise, and performance reviews interfere with your natural motivation?   They also interfere with your emotions, but luckily, there’s a way to retrieve your own internal sense of what’s right for you. … Read More

The gifts of contentment: Appreciation and recognition

Welcoming contentment! We just looked at happiness as a wonderful emotion that looks outward, or forward to the future, with hope and delight, and now we come to our friend contentment, which is a form of happiness and pleasure that turns inward, toward you, and says, “Hey, good job!” (Excerpt from The Language of Emotions): Happiness tends to anticipate a bright future, while contentment tends to … Read More