The third key to emotional genius

Each emotion arises at many different levels of intensity  Working with emotions empathically means learning how they work and how to work with them respectfully. One very important key to developing emotional skills is to learn how to identify emotions at many different levels.  This is especially important if you only become aware of your emotions when they’re very intense. Learning about their nuanced states can … Read More

The importance of being grounded and focused

Creating a solid ground for your emotions (and yourself) Many people have learned to avoid and repress their emotions, because some emotions can come on very strong. If we don’t have emotional skills, we can be carried away by our emotions (and the emotions of others). Because of this, I teach a number of practices that I call the Empathic Mindfulness practices. I created them specifically … Read More

What’s new in the Sadness family?

Small changes to an important family The newly updated Language of Emotions contains a lot of new ideas, and in this video, I talk about the changes I’ve made to the Sadness Family: Sadness, Grief, Situational Depression, and the Suicidal Urge See this page for links to order the book, e-book, or audiobook! These four emotions are a vital part of your ability to let go, … Read More

A healing practice for sadness

Your sadness can help you relieve tension Sadness is a healing emotion that helps you let go of things that aren’t working anyway. If you can learn to relax and let go, you can connect to the healing heart of sadness. Sadly, many of us don’t  to approach sadness in this way, and when it arises, we tend to lose our way. So let’s get comfortable … Read More

Welcoming the gifts of sadness

SADNESS: The Water Bearer GIFTS: Release ~ Fluidity ~ Grounding ~ Relaxation ~ Rejuvenation WHAT YOUR SADNESS DOES: Sadness arises when it’s time to let go of something that isn’t working anyway. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: Let go. If you can truly let go, relaxation and rejuvenation will follow. THE INTERNAL QUESTIONS: What must be released? What must be rejuvenated? Sadness is a wonderful emotion … Read More

How to talk to sad, jealous, anxious kids

Okay, so my husband Tino and I are living in what I call “unintentional community,” or a condo complex. It’s a nice place near his new job, it’s month-to-month so we can look for a home, and it’s got trees and lovely plantings everywhere, so I’m not complaining. However, we’re right on top of people, so we hear the goings on, especially with a neighbor family … Read More