The Rejuvenation practice

Accessing happiness and joy in grounded and healthy ways Sadly, many of us were taught that happiness and joy are the only worthwhile emotions. Happiness and joy are very important emotions, but they’re just 2 emotions in the marvelous family of 17 emotions, and they can’t possibly work by themselves! Many of us run after these two emotions and try to imprison them, but that’s a … Read More

What’s new in the Happiness Family?

New questions for an entire family! In the newly revised and updated Language of Emotions, the Happiness Family has been upgraded: now, all of these emotions have questions instead of just statements! The emotions in this family are connected to your capacity for hope, amusement, confidence, and inspiration. They are: Happiness, Contentment, and Joy. In this video, I explore the changes I made to this important … Read More

A troubling facet of joy: Exhilaration

When joy gets stuck: Exhilaration We’ve looked at the three happiness-family emotions: contentment, which is like a deep and healing breath that follows a sense of inner achievement; the giddier state of happiness, which bubbles up, takes your hand, and skips with you into the bright future; and joy, which arises when you’ve worked to arrive at a place of beauty and full-bodied communion. However, there’s … Read More

The gifts of joy: Radiance and splendor

Welcoming Joy! After learning about each of the emotions one by one (you can find the list of emotions on my Start Here page), we arrive today at the final emotion in the happiness family: joy! Joy is different from happiness in that it is deeper and larger somehow. It is closer in its essence to contentment, but instead of coming forth after an achievement (as … Read More