An Artistic Course to Help You Access Your Emotions

Art and Emotions Working with your emotions through artistic practices  Online course starts Saturday, October 28 at Empathy Academy Accessing your emotions and your inner artist We’ve got a wonderful course with artist and double-licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant Sue Barclay from Scotland. During her licensing process, Sue brought us a wonderful artistic practice that helped us access our emotions in amazingly simple, yet … Read More

The Magical Healing Powers of Art

Art is a specific empathic healing practice Artistic expression is a wonderful and soul expanding thing for anyone, but it has a particular healing quality for anyone who wants to understand and work with emotions and empathy, because art helps you express and channel emotions intentionally. Empathy is first and foremost an emotional skill, and learning how to work with and understand emotions is a vital … Read More

Workshop: Rediscovering Your Inner Artist

Exploring the Magic of Mark-Making A 2.5-hour workshop on Saturday, October 8 from 10:00am to 12:30pm Pacific Time   No previous art experience is required! Many of us feel that we’re not artistic, or that art is about perfection and competition. But art is actually an inner skill that all of us possess. Sue Barclay is an artist, educator, and licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional who helps … Read More

Taking a Depression Inventory

So, you’re depressed. What’s next? We all experience depression for many reasons, and there are plenty of situations that are in and of themselves depressing — such as conflicts, difficulties, injustice, illness, loss, and upheaval. These things should evoke some depression. In the face of troubles, something in us should drop, lose energy, and experience a sense of despair or hopelessness every now and then. To … Read More