How much emotion is too much?

When I talk about The Language of Emotions, one of the central ideas I share is that all emotions are useful. If you can approach them with care and ask them the right questions, there aren’t any “negative” emotions. Every emotion has a specific function, and all of them are important and instructive Some emotions (such as hatred and panic), need to be handled with care, … Read More

Honoring Your Emotional Ecosystem

A live online course to help you work with your emotions!   For many centuries, we’ve been chased away from our emotions and told that they’re unwanted, unreliable, or untrue. In many ways, we’ve been taught to see emotions as the weeds of human nature, best pulled out, or at the very least, suppressed. But today, we’re beginning to understand what poets and artists have known … Read More

Turning complaining in to a healing practice

When people think of empathy, they tend to see it as a soft skill, full of yielding and niceness. That’s a part of empathy, but there’s a deeper and more full-bodied form of empathy that helps you engage with people when they (and you!) are not feeling nice at all. In The Art of Empathy, I share a number of relationship skills for dealing with conflict … Read More

Course: The Emotional Life of Parenting

Learning to Parent with Your Emotions A 4-week course at Empathy Academy Starts Monday, September 25   Parenthood can be one of the most deeply emotional adventures in our lives, but we don’t have a lot of support to understand the healing purpose of our own emotions or the emotions of the children we care for.  In this online course, we’ll help you look at emotions … Read More

The fourth key to emotional genius

It is normal for emotions to arise in pairs and groups! Learning how to work with your emotions empathically means learning how they work and how to work with them directly. Many of the emotional confusions we have arise because we weren’t taught that emotions work together to help us make sense of our world. Emotions are aspects of our awareness and our intelligence, and when … Read More

Workshop: Parenting with Emotions!

An Introduction to the Emotional Life of Parenting A Mini-Workshop at Empathy Academy Saturday, September 16 from 10am to 12:30pm Pacific Time   Parenting is an emotional adventure, but we don’t have a lot of support to understand the healing purpose of our own emotions and the emotions of the children we care for. In this workshop, we’ll help you look at emotions in healing new ways! … Read More

The first key to emotional genius

There are no positive or negative emotions As we study emotions empathically, we look at each emotion in terms of what it does, what gifts it brings to you, and how you can work with it. And in order to do that, there are four vital keys that can help you unlock the genius in your emotions. The first key: Unvalence the emotions All of your … Read More

The Emotional Vocabulary List is now in 8 languages!

Your emotional vocabulary is an essential tool More than a decade ago, I gathered emotion words here, on Twitter, and on my Facebook page, because people were regularly asking me for a list. I organized all of the words into emotion categories, then into the different intensities of soft, medium, and intense. I also alphabetized each section, and the Emotional Vocabulary List was born! Then, research … Read More

The new Language of Emotions is here!

Hooray! The revised and updated Language of Emotions is on sale today! You can order the book, e-book, or audiobook wherever books are sold. See this page for links to order the book, e-book, or audiobook! Thank you for your support, and thank you for bringing more emotional awareness and healthy empathy to our waiting world! Karla McLaren  

Free Emotions Chart for Adults!

Hello, Emotional People! That’s all of us, you know.  Emotions are vital  to everything we think, every idea we have, and everything we do. But most of us haven’t learned how to work skillfully with all of our emotions. Luckily, we can learn to work well with our emotions at any stage of our lives. One of our licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® professionals, Jennifer Asdorian, created … Read More

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