The Emotional Vocabulary List is now in 8 languages!

Your emotional vocabulary is an essential tool

More than a decade ago, I gathered emotion words here, on Twitter, and on my Facebook page, because people were regularly asking me for a list.

I organized all of the words into emotion categories, then into the different intensities of soft, medium, and intense.

I also alphabetized each section, and the Emotional Vocabulary List was born!

Then, research showed us how vital your emotional vocabulary is

Button that says Free Emotional Vocabulary ListResearchers like Lisa Feldman Barrett and her colleagues are discovering that people with larger and more articulate emotional vocabularies are actually better at identifying, understanding, and regulating their emotions. 

Something about having a large or “granular” emotional vocabulary — all by itself — helps people develop better emotion regulation skills.

Well, that’s an easy fix!

A simple way to develop better emotional skills

I’ve got a free Emotional Vocabulary List here on the site, and thanks to wonderful people throughout the world, this free list is now available in 8 languages!

I’ve also printed pocket-sized versions of the list, which are available here: Portable Emotional Vocabulary Lists

You can use this list on your own, and you can also share it with your friends and family!

So many of us want to develop better emotional awareness and skills, and developing a stronger and more granular emotional vocabulary is an easy — and very effective — way to start.

Use this list in good health, with my blessing!



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