Free resources from The Language of Emotions!

In celebration of the release of the newly updated Language of Emotions, I’ve created a free resource packet with bonus materials for you! Too good to leave out As I was voicing the audiobook for The Language of Emotions, I realized that listeners would not be able to go through the Emotional Vocabulary List in any workable way, and that they needed a simple chart so … Read More

What’s new in the Sadness family?

Small changes to an important family The newly updated Language of Emotions contains a lot of new ideas, and in this video, I talk about the changes I’ve made to the Sadness Family: Sadness, Grief, Situational Depression, and the Suicidal Urge See this page for links to order the book, e-book, or audiobook! These four emotions are a vital part of your ability to let go, … Read More

Taking a Depression Inventory

So, you’re depressed. What’s next? We all experience depression for many reasons, and there are plenty of situations that are in and of themselves depressing — such as conflicts, difficulties, injustice, illness, loss, and upheaval. These things should evoke some depression. In the face of troubles, something in us should drop, lose energy, and experience a sense of despair or hopelessness every now and then. To … Read More

Ingenious stagnation — Understanding depression

Situational depression arises when some aspect of your life is unworkable or dysfunctional; this emotion stops you for a vital reason, and there are many ways to support yourself when depression is present. Depression has a vital message for you When we looked at the gifts of sadness, I wrote about what I call the emotional attribution mistake that I see with many emotions — which is … Read More

Working through depression

See Ingenious Stagnation: Understanding Depression for specific help with depression. When suicides are in the news, people tend to talk more about depression. Medical and psychological researchers (and news outlets) focus a great deal of attention on depression, and it seems that every week brings a new story about what does and doesn’t work for depression. This is great; it’s a positive movement that is helping … Read More

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

I spent a great deal of my life dealing with depression, and I learned amazing things about it. But one reason that I learned so much is that I tried to manage my depression without competent help. I grew up in the alternative medicine community, and I didn’t have access to mental health care. I have early-onset double depression (major depression and dysthymia), and I managed … Read More

What is Emotional Hygiene?

Emotional hygiene is an idea I developed about seven years ago (the phrase is not original to me, though) when I was dealing with depression and one of my best friends was dealing with anxiety. As it turns out, the two states aren’t very compatible! My friend and I had been very close and emotionally in sync for many years, and we were very used to … Read More