Book and audiobook covers for The Language of Emotions

Free resources from The Language of Emotions!

In celebration of the release of the newly updated Language of Emotions, I’ve created a free resource packet with bonus materials for you!

Too good to leave out

As I was voicing the audiobook for The Language of Emotions, I realized that listeners would not be able to go through the Emotional Vocabulary List in any workable way, and that they needed a simple chart so that they could view all of the emotional gifts and questions in one place.

I built this PDF packet with the full Emotional Vocabulary list, a full-color chart with all of the emotions and questions in one place, plus my Depression Inventory, and the fabulous Ethical Empathic Gossip practice (which helps you access the social genius of jealousy and envy).

Click on this button to download your free packet.


Download the Additional Resources PDF for The Language of Emotions


I hope you’re enjoying the newly revised and updated version of The Language of Emotions.

Thank you for bringing more empathy and deeper emotional awareness to our waiting world!


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