Embracing the healing genius of frozen panic

In the 2023 update of The Language of Emotions, I separated panic into two categories: immediate panic and frozen panic. It’s so important to understand the difference between them, because many people don’t know that frozen panic contains the energy we need to heal from past traumas. Frozen Panic: The Healing Witness  GIFTS: Healing from past traumas ~ Freedom from cycling patterns ~ Completion of unfinished … Read More

The lifesaving ingenuity of immediate panic

Panic is an essential survival emotion that arises in response to a direct threat to your physical life. Panic is related to fear, but while fear is an instinctual and intuitive emotion that arises in response to change, novelty, and possible physical hazards, panic arises when you actually need to save your own life. The ingenious actions you can take in response to your fear number … Read More

Welcoming the gifts of anxiety

There are gifts in anxiety? Yes! People are often very surprised to learn that anxiety contains gifts, because anxiety is usually described only in terms of disorder or disease. However, at its most subtle level, anxiety (which is related to fear) helps you plan for the future and complete important tasks. Really! When I look at the problem of nuance, I see that so many of … Read More