A practice to reclaim yourself

Burning Contracts helps you let go of unworkable things Because emotions carry such vital messages, I created the Empathic Mindfulness practices to help you learn to work with them, These skills rely on your ability to work in the imaginal realm, which isn’t something you make up; rather, it’s the place where your creativity comes from. In the imaginal realm, you create music, art, dreams, ideas, … Read More

The Soul Tending program starts in October!

Your emotions can help you thrive in troubled times Something we’ve all seen so clearly over these years of pandemic and upheaval is how vital emotional skills are — and how much people suffer if they don’t have those skills. If you understand emotions, you can see people being overwhelmed by anger instead of using its energy to set clear boundaries with empathy and strength. You … Read More

Healing rituals for grief

Grieving and the importance of ritual Grief is a powerful emotion that can easily overwhelm people, which is why all cultures have sacred grief rituals. Healing rituals can help us process change, transitions, shock, and loss — yet in our modern world, many of us have lost our vital connections to the ritual traditions that help us create sacred space for the incredible shock of death … Read More