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Yes, you can befriend your shame
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A course to help you work with shame!   Shame is probably the most deeply misunderstood emotion there is, and considering how poor our emotional education is, that’s saying a lot! Most people try to... Read More

Free Emotions Charts for Kids!
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Hello emotional kids and parents! (That’s all of us, you know.) Emotions are at the center of all learning, thinking, and behavior, and you can learn how to work with them directly and skillfully. Kids... Read More

Free Emotions Charts!
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Hello, Emotional People! That’s all of us, you know.  Emotions are central to everything we think, every idea we have, and everything we do, but most of us haven’t learned how to work skillfully with... Read More

Emotional Flow!
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Learn How to Access the Healing Genius in Your Emotions  Starts Monday, June 13 at Empathy Academy 8 week online course – $165 This is the perfect time to learn how to work with all... Read More

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