Your DEI Emotional Reference Guide


You can access the genius in your emotions

Dynamic Emotional Integration® (or DEI) helps you access the genius in your emotions to support your whole-life awareness and whole-life healing.

This beautiful full-color laminated chart includes information about the 17 main emotions; what gifts they bring you, which questions you can ask them, and which actions you can take to access their genius.

This double-sided chart measures 8.5 by 14 inches: the Anger and Fear families are on one side, and the Sadness and Happiness families are on the other side with the 4 Keys to Emotional Genius.

Each double-sided chart is $10. Contact us for volume discounts.



Your emotions contain genius

Each of your emotions arises for specific reasons, and each of them brings you specific gifts and intelligence.

This laminated Dynamic Emotional Integration® reference guide helps you learn to work directly with your emotions, and it’s a beautiful wall chart for you to reference throughout your day.

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions8.5 × 14 in