Your DEI Emotional Reference Guide
Your DEI Emotional Reference Guide

You can access the genius in your emotions

Dynamic Emotional Integration® (or DEI) helps you access the genius in your emotions to support your whole-life awareness and whole-life healing.

This beautiful full-color laminated chart includes information about the 17 main emotions; what gifts they bring you, which questions you can ask them, and which actions you can take to access their genius.

This double-sided chart measures 8.5 by 14 inches: the Anger and Fear families are on one side, and the Sadness and Happiness families are on the other side with the 4 Keys to Emotional Genius.

Each double-sided chart is $10. Contact us for volume discounts.


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The Language of Emotions Cards
The Language of Emotions Cards

This portable Language of Emotions card deck was created by Karla McLaren to help you increase your empathic and emotional skills, anytime and anywhere. These 24 cards offer detailed insights into the 17 distinct emotions and the unique Empathic Mindfulness practices that help you develop strong emotional awareness and skills.

These Language of Emotions cards will help you quickly identify, understand, and respond to your emotions — and they’ll act as reminders of the Empathic Mindfulness practices that help you integrate your emotions, your intelligence, your ethics, and your empathy.

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Emotional Vocabulary Lists
Emotional Vocabulary Lists

Your vocabulary matters! Research is continually showing us that a good emotional vocabulary doesn’t simply help you identify more emotions – it also helps you work with them more easily, because you can quickly identify the type of emotion you feel, its intensity, and the reason you feel it. All by itself, a larger and more precise emotional vocabulary can help you learn to understand, regulate, and befriend your emotions!

This portable fold-out Emotional Vocabulary List contains alphabetized lists of words for seven different emotion categories with three differing levels of intensity. Note: This list is also included in the Art of Empathy Card Deck.

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The Art of Empathy Cards

This portable Art of Empathy card deck was created by Karla McLaren to help you work brilliantly with empathy and emotions. These 28 cards (plus a special fold-out Emotional Vocabulary List) offer detailed insights into Karla’s Six Essential Aspects of Empathy model, plus targeted skills and practices that will help you develop healthy and sustainable empathy.

This set also includes 5 Empathic Communication skills, 8 Empathic Mindfulness practices, and 5 special 2-sided cards to help you work with emotions in others — so that your empathy will emotionally intelligent, skillful, and supportive for everyone.

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