Book and audiobook covers for The Language of Emotions

Welcoming the new Language of Emotions!

Hello, hello!

I’m excited to announce the upcoming publication of the revised and updated Language of Emotions! The book will be out on June 27th, and you can pre-order your copy now!

What’s new in this edition of The Language of Emotions?

In this newly revised edition, I’ve updated most of the emotions and their questions based on the work and research I’ve done since the book first came out in 2010.

In addition to new questions and new ideas about how to work with your emotions, you’ll find:

    • A new chapter for anxiety, because it wasn’t in the previous edition!
    • A new chapter on loneliness, which is not an emotion, but contains many emotional responses
    • An exploration of the 4 Keys to Emotional Genius
    • A way to identify the two emotional mistakes that nearly everyone makes
    • A clarification about the two types of panic: immediate panic and frozen panic (and how to work with all the energy in frozen panic)
    • New focus on the role of emotions in the resolution of trauma

I’m so lucky to have been able to update this book, and I’m glad to be able to share it with you.

You can pre-order the book and e-book now!

Book cover of The Language of Emotions

The book and e-book are available for pre-order through the publisher, Sounds True.

(If you’re overseas, you can purchase through your local Amazon.)

Pre-Order the Book and E-Book: $22.99


Available June 27, 2023

6′ by 9′ softcover, $22.99

Paperback 448 pages: ISBN 978-1-64963-042-1

E-book 448 pages: ISBN 978-1-64963-043-8

You can also pre-order the audiobook now!

Audiobook cover of the Language of EmotionsI voiced the recording for this new audiobook at a lovely local recording studio here in Sonoma County in January.

Pre-Order the Audiobook from Sounds True: $25.99


Pre-Order the Audiobook from Audible: $25.99


Available June 27, 2023

Audio download, $25.99

Audiobook 16 hours: ISBN 978-1-64963-111-4

Thank you!


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