Course: Befriending Anger at Empathy Academy

Anger is an essential emotion Anger has a terrible reputation, because so many people use anger to hurt themselves or others. But this isn’t anger’s fault! This is not anger’s true nature. Anger is an essential emotion that helps you in every area of your life, and when you know what anger is and how to work with it, you can change your life. Your anger … Read More

The first key to emotional genius

There are no positive or negative emotions As we study emotions empathically, we look at each emotion in terms of what it does, what gifts it brings to you, and how you can work with it. And in order to do that, there are four vital keys that can help you unlock the genius in your emotions. The first key: Unvalence the emotions All of your … Read More

The importance of being grounded and focused

Creating a solid ground for your emotions (and yourself) Many people have learned to avoid and repress their emotions, because some emotions can come on very strong. If we don’t have emotional skills, we can be carried away by our emotions (and the emotions of others). Because of this, I teach a number of practices that I call the Empathic Mindfulness practices. I created them specifically … Read More

Workshop: Discover Your Emotional Body

You can play with your emotions! A Somatic Mini-Workshop at Empathy Academy Saturday, August 12 from 10am to 12:30pm Pacific Time   Talking and reading about emotions is a good way to learn about them, but playing with them can help you understand and work with them in healing new ways. By accessing your body’s wisdom, you may find that you’re already working skillfully with your … Read More

Why loneliness is not an emotion

Loneliness: The drive for connection Since the first edition of The Language of Emotions appeared, people have wanted me to add drives (such as lust or hunger) to the emotions list, or they’ve asked if specific states are emotions. In this excerpt from the updated and revised Language of Emotions, I explore the most-requested drive: Loneliness. Usually, people ask me about a nuanced form of an … Read More

Two Big Emotional Mistakes (and how to fix them)

Your emotions aren’t the problem  As I was writing my 2020 book, Embracing Anxiety: How to Access the Genius of This Vital Emotion I thought a lot about two emotional mistakes that almost everyone makes: We blame emotions for causing problems, when in fact, emotions arise to help us deal with problems We blame emotions for people’s lack of emotional skills  I call these the emotional … Read More

What’s new in the Happiness Family?

New questions for an entire family! In the newly revised and updated Language of Emotions, the Happiness Family has been upgraded: now, all of these emotions have questions instead of just statements! The emotions in this family are connected to your capacity for hope, amusement, confidence, and inspiration. They are: Happiness, Contentment, and Joy. In this video, I explore the changes I made to this important … Read More

What’s new in the Fear Family?

Many changes to an essential group of emotions! In the newly revised and updated Language of Emotions, the Fear Family has seen the largest number of changes. The emotions in this family are vital to your instincts, intuition, and capacity to keep yourself safe. They are: Fear, Anxiety, Confusion, Jealousy, Envy, and Panic. In this video, I explore the changes I made to better support the … Read More

What’s new in the Sadness family?

Small changes to an important family The newly updated Language of Emotions contains a lot of new ideas, and in this video, I talk about the changes I’ve made to the Sadness Family: Sadness, Grief, Situational Depression, and the Suicidal Urge See this page for links to order the book, e-book, or audiobook! These four emotions are a vital part of your ability to let go, … Read More

Course: Empathy and Self-Care at Empathy Academy

Empathy and Self-Care Tending your world without losing yourself A 4-week online course with Sandi Davis   Many people treat empathy as a special skill, or they confuse it with niceness, but empathy is so much more than that. Your empathy is an essential part of working with your emotions and the emotions of others, and it helps you navigate the complexities of living. When you … Read More

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