Accessing the Vital Intelligence in Your Workplace

Yes, emotions absolutely belong at work (because they’re already there)!

We’ve all been taught that “being professional” means suppressing our honest emotions while we’re on the clock — but research shows that this actually leads to a loss in productivity, diminished creativity, and crushing job dissatisfaction.

Because the workplace as an entity threw emotions out the window more than a century ago, it hasn’t known how to build healthy or functional human environments, how to care for people, or what to do when their natural and necessary emotions arise. 

The Power of Emotions at Work welcomes the emotions back into the workplace (they were there all along), and teaches all workers how to create respectful, effective, and emotionally well-regulated environments where everyone can get their best work done.

With her newest book, award-winning author and empathy expert Karla McLaren teaches communication and empathy skills to workers at all levels and helps them create sustainable workplaces where people and projects can thrive.


The Power of Emotions at Work is an in-depth guide for all workers — employees, managers, and CEOs — on how to engage emotions in the workplace to create a productive, creative, and truly workable environment.


A free Communication Workflow Packet for your workplace!

In chapter 5 of The Power of Emotions at Work, Karla McLaren explores healthy and focused ways to access the emotional genius in your workplace and use that genius to help your community solve longstanding issues.

The Communication Workflow Packet in this free PDF contains guidelines for your meeting, a Needs Assessment, the Power of Emotions chart, and an Emotional Vocabulary list for each participant. Enjoy!


Praise for The Power of Emotions at Work

THE POWER OF EMOTIONS AT WORK speaks truth to the reality that so much of work is actually emotional work — and that the toxic positivity bias is creating untenable, unhealthy teams and cultures.

This wonderful, insightful, and practical book will help you create teams that work better together and make better work.

Charlie Gilkey, author of Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done



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In Karla McLaren’s newest book, you’ll learn:

  • Photo of Karla McLaren, a smiling middle-aged white woman with wavy brown hair, green eyes, and glasses.How to co-create a healthy and well-balanced social environment that benefits all workers in any organization
  • How to recognize your primary emotional role — and how to support the emotional roles of others
  • How to support people in your organization who perform the most “emotional labor”
  • Where to find authentic motivation and engagement in your job
  • How to solve difficult problems with the startling genius in the emotions
  • How to identify the “keystones” who keep organizations afloat, especially in unhealthy social structures
  • How simple things like break areas, privacy, and rest are crucial to workplace health and productivity
  • How to go from an “unintentional community” to a place of genuine belonging, and much more


The Power of Emotions at Work will help you access the genius in the emotions

to create a healthy and functional workplace community.