Multiple emotions are necessary, now and always

Yes, you can learn to work with multiple emotions!

In fact, you already do work with multiple emotions, because it’s completely natural for emotions to arise in pairs, groups, and clusters.

Emotions are vital aspects of your capacity to think, decide, behave, and act, and each one brings you specific gifts and skills — and it’s normal and natural to require more than one gift or skill.

For instance, anger helps you identify what you value and set boundaries around it.

Fear helps you focus your instincts and intuition on the present moment.

Anxiety helps you focus on the future and complete your tasks.

Each emotion exists for a very important reason, and you can learn about each of them in this alphabetized list of posts: Emotions and their gifts

I made a video about some of the multiple emotions you should be feeling during times of trouble and upheaval.

Multiple Emotions are Necessary

Every emotion has specific genius to bring to you, and all of them are necessary — and they usually show up in pairs, groups, and clusters. 

If you’d like to learn more about each individual emotion, you can read my emotion posts, or you can watch my videos about each emotion at YouTube: Emotions and Their Gifts playlist

Let me know if there are any specific multiple emotions you’d like to explore.

Take good care!


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