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Praise for the new Language of Emotions!

As the publication date for the new and revised edition of The Language of Emotions nears, I want to share some of the praise the book has received from two people I admire very much.

Gavin DeBecker

“The Language of Emotions has changed the way I relate to others, and to myself, forever.”

Gavin DeBecker, author of The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift

Gavin is a security expert who has spent his life working to understand violence and how to predict it. He teaches us to trust our fear (and our panic), because they’re lifesaving emotions that are always working to keep us safe.

I’ve never met Gavin, but I’ve loved his books and I admire the ways that he has helped people learn to trust their own emotions.

Thank you, Gavin!

Janja Lalich, PhD

“The Language of Emotions is the first book I will recommend to survivors of traumatic and abusive environments and relationships. Karla’s knowledge of how to understand emotions and engage with them in a healing way is an invaluable resource.”

Janja Lalich, PhD, author of Take Back Your Life and Bounded Choice

I do know Janja! I met her when I was in my bachelor’s program in social science (she was a professor in the sociology department).

Janja is an internationally renowned cult expert, and she and I worked together on many projects, including a book on children who grew up in cults and escaped: Escaping Utopia.

Janja works with people who are coming out of high-control and abusive environments (where their emotions and their empathy were used against them). I’m so honored to know that my own work of healing from abuse and trauma can be supportive for other people who want to break free and live their own true lives again.

Thank you, Janja!

You can order The Language of Emotions book and e-book now!

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The Language of Emotions will soon be available wherever books are sold. If you’re not in the United States, please check your local Amazon to preorder the new edition.


You can also order The Language of Emotions audiobook now!

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Thank you so much for your support of my work, and thank you for bringing more emotional awareness and more healthy empathy to our waiting world.


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